Let's Cook!

"WHY?" you say. Here are our reasons.  Read it and ask "why not?"

We are all about helping you to be successfully independent; to cook your own meals, to shop within a budget and do it while eating great tasting food that will keep you healthy. 

If you're new to this we strongly encourage you to take the challenge of following the "5 Week Menu".  The recipes are for beginning cooks, but the meal planning and coordinated shopping are for any level.

Our recipes are selected for a college student's budget and busy schedule.

Check for recipes by category at the very top of this page.

The "5 Week Menu"

Tired of saying, "What're we gonna eat?" Take the challenge of following the "5 Week Menu".  It'll provide the structure to learn how to plan a week's worth of meals, shop specifically for that menu avoiding costly trips down center aisles, and learn techniques of cooking as well as allocating bulk grocery items throughout numerous meals in the week or month. 

Give it a try and learn some new patterns that may improve your health, save you a bunch of money and dramatically increase flavor in your meals.

"5 Week Menu" Overview

  • Our "5 Week Menu" is set up so that you will cook parts of a number of meals in the week all at one time so you don't have to spend so much time each meal starting from the very beginning.   You can eat better with better time management.


  • You will shop according to a list (provided each week) that will provide food for all of your meals for the week while building a pantry for future meal preparations.  You can shop more efficiently with better planning.


  • You might even get together with friends and cook big thugs all at once to save time later in the week and have a fun time cooking together.


  • Cooking generally requires some waiting, so cooking during a study session works well.  Don't forget to set your timer!
Cooking is Fun! and possibly a little messy.

Cooking's fun....and maybe a little messy!

The recipes below are in no special order.  You can search by Recipe Category with the menu at the very top of this page or just browse below.  The "5 Week Menu" will link to a number of these recipes.  If you are new to cooking ALL of your meals, we encourage you to try the "5 Week Menu" to learn some patterns of shopping, planning and cooking that will  benefit your health and your bank account.