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Week Twenty Summer Session 2022

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Good food nourishes our bodies, but our souls as well in the context of convivial community.  We are so enriched by that at Jubilee Farm and so we are understandably always a little sad the last week of the session.  We can take the inspiration of that conviviality back to our neighborhoods and families and share good food to keep us warm through the winter and build on the strength that comes from good work, done well as a gift for others.  Growing conviviality requires risk, so here's a sauce that might be new to some; new flavors, new combinations that will dress up your normal fare and put a little dance in your step! Reach out and welcome a neighbor and start something new.  We'll look forward to seeing you in the Spring.

This Creamy Garlic Cauliflower Sauce creates lots of possibility.  Terrie has good video instruction for this method on Week Six.  Start at minute 8:11.


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