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from the Cascading Kitchen at Jubilee Farm

Weekly Summer Session Cooking Videos

They're looking forward to seeing you all.  If you can't take advantage of time down at the farm you can Click on the barn to the left for the archived "summer session" videos that introduce the crops for that week along with methods for storage and preparation; more than simply recipes.

Week One Summer Session 2022

Feeling Soggy?

No kidding! You, me and the trillions of soil microbes in scuba gear.  The fields have been soaked disrupting our normal spring planting schedule. An intricate pattern of propagating, transplanting, cultivating and harvesting  are required to bring you a varied box of veggies every week.   To say the least, that intricate pattern,  those dance steps if you will, has been disrupted with unprecedented amounts of rain and unseasonably cool temperatures.  Now’s the time that we get to stand by our farmer; this is the “support” part of Community Supported Agriculture. This is the time you can cement your relationships with the people and processes that bring you your food.

Jubilee Farm has, along with multiple other farms in the Snoqualmie Valley, spent decades increasing resiliency in their farming methods.  In spite of that long preparation there are changes afoot outside of our control.  While David and the farm crew work daily to get crops in the ground, as the ground will allow, what can we do to build out our own personal tool kits to accommodate the coming out-of-step arrival of the various crops? The dance will look different than that to which we have become accustomed; erratic arrival of greens during one season, more cabbage than we might have chosen during another, and who knows what other new dance steps we’ll be learning in order to take full advantage of the nutritious, Jubilee food that will "be at hand".

See the recipes and methods for Week One listed below or to the left.


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