from the Cascading Kitchen at Jubilee Farm

Week Nineteen

Week Twenty

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Week Nineteen,

We changed up our Pumpkin Apple waffles we like to make in the fall.  Making them with sourdough and an overnight proof adds a bit of complexity but the result is superb; a light, moist and airy interior with a thin, crunchy crust.  Double the recipe and put a bunch in the freezer.  A single recipe makes about 12-15 6" round waffles.

Week Twenty,

Terrie shows you how to approach a pumpkin and turn it into a tray of enchiladas--a real time Cinderella story.  Lots of other magic along the way.

We're so looking forward to seeing you all face to face come next June.  This virus WILL be a part of history.  We will be able to turn our attentions outward and put our energies to work helping to rebuild the lives of so many who have suffered so dramatically.  Please call or write if you have a question to ask or a story to tell.  See you in June.