from the Cascading Kitchen at Jubilee Farm

Week Eighteen

Week Nineteen

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Week Eighteen,

First, before you wash the Radicchio--Don't. Wait until you're ready to eat it.  It is referred to as a bitter green, giving us the opportunity to explore an oft neglected part of a mature palate.  Terrie shows methods to control the amount of bitter in preparation as well as complementary foods to eat with it.

The Northwest Style Mess O Greens has become Terrie's favorite recipe!  Serve it with nice crunchy rolls, cornbread or biscuits.  Full of rich flavors.

Week Nineteen,

We changed up our Pumpkin Apple waffles we like to make in the fall.  Making them with sourdough and an overnight proof adds a bit of complexity but the result is superb; a light, moist and airy interior with a thin, crunchy crust.  Double the recipe and put a bunch in the freezer.  A single recipe makes about 12-15 6" round waffles.