Learning to Live with Independence, Thrift and Health

 Many of the choices you'll see in this five week experiment are made to increase your health and enjoyment and do so while saving your money for other priorities.  Learn to be independent from the pressures of advertising and social groups by making solid, rational decisions about your health and spending. Congratulations. You stuck with it!  Now you have a framework that you can use to expand to other foods and recipes or just vary on the basics.

Week Five Make Ahead Items


Make enough for two servings.  Store in a Jar and reheat in a skillet, Microwave or even in a pot on the stove by adding a bit of milk or water.

Mashed Potatoes

Use 4 lbs out of your bag of potatoes for making Mashed Potatoes.

Once prepared, put 2 cups of the mashed potatoes in the fridge to save for a dinner of Cheesy Potato Pancakes.

Chicken Stock

If you didn't get this made earlier, pull the carcass and bits out of the freezer and get to it.  You'll need it for soup and gravy.

Hamburger Hash


You'll need to make the stock before you can make the gravy.  Having both the potatoes and gravy in the refer will make you SO happy when you come home tired after classes.  You get to learn to make a Roux; the starting point for many great sauces and gravies.

Chicken Soup

If you've run out of energy or time during your Make Ahead Cook, you can wait until meal prep to make this soup but it is so much better if it has a chance to "meld" flavors for at least a day.


Two Breakfasts

  • Pancakes with butter and syrup or yogurt, jam   Maybe slice some of your banana fairly thin (1/8") and place a few rounds in the uncooked batter on your skillet for yummy banana pancakes.

Two Breakfasts

  • Homemade Oatmeal with nuts, brown sugar, maple syrup, bit of milk....
  • 2 sausage links

Three Breakfasts

  • Cream Cheese Toast and eggs.
  • apples



Five Lunches

Two Lunches

It's really all a human needs to survive! 

Bake it once and use it throughout the week.


Four Dinners

Use one third of your cooked, frozen chicken, chopped up to mix in with the gravy.  Tastes great and goes a long way

  • Green salad with Ranch Dressing  (you should have a packet of Hidden Valley to make this dressing)


Two Dinners

Use the last third of your cooked frozen chicken in this soup.

One Dinner

Treat of the Week

Carrot Cake

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