Behind the Scenes

by Ludwig Knaus 1880

School has begun, schedules are creating jugglers of us all.  Take heart, you are not alone.  Balancing the professional and the personal has never been easy!

Ludwig Knaus was one of the most beloved German Romantic painters and a member of the Düsseldorf school of painting, the Munich Academy, the Berlin Academy, and many others. He was also professor at the Prussian Academy, Berlin, where he resided for much of his adult life. He was best known for his engaging genre scenes of everyday life across the Bavarian countryside.

In this painting, we are taken Behind the Scenes of a traveling side show; itinerant performers going town to town offering entertainment and earning a living at the same time. This is likely a family affair, evidenced by the clown feeding the infant and the children and dogs beside the cook stove. Personal meets professional, both scattered across the foreground of the painting; a drum, weights, and juggling balls at left, kitchen utensils and household goods at right. The clown’s expression indicates that ‘juggling’ work and family is no easy task.

A tip of the hat to the Google Art Project

Join us in the Cascading Kitchen for samples, smells and smiles! Making magic.

Summer Session 2021 at Jubilee Farm CSA

Terrie and Mimi are returning to the Barn at Jubilee Farm every Tuesday and Friday starting June 15

The "Cascading Kitchen" at Jubilee Farm will provide a place for members to clean, chop and prepare their weeks' vegetables in the coming weeks. In an abundance of caution and care for the health and safety of all our members, these first few weeks we won't have the kitchen open for food prep.  We will reassess every week and let you know when the kitchen is open. In the meantime, drop in for a chat, take in the cooking aromas of the week, taste a sample and suck up the inspiration in the air.

The camaraderie that happens in the kitchen, sharing of meal possibilities and practices that "work" remove the questions about being a part of a CSA.  It is easy, without this kind of support, to become overwhelmed with a large box of vegetables in the midst of a busy life.  The kitchen is a source  counsel, creativity, courage and camaraderie.

Mimi and I (Terrie) want to welcome you to join us in a kitchen conversation.  We love it when the conversation goes both ways.  We all have cultural knowledge; wisdom passed down through our families and societies from many different traditions.  Over the last couple of generations, we have too often outsourced that conversation leaving many of us with a strong desire to jump back in and re-establish our own food pathways.  That rope of knowledge has been frayed and sometimes broken.  Our kitchen conversation is about reweaving that rope, from knowledge about caring for our soils, supporting our farmers to storing food and preparing meals all toward the end of increased conviviality and vitality.

None of the information in these videos is proffered to form a rote, step by step, highly focused "how-to", but is there instead to provide templates for how to use different foods in different combinations, with a variety of methods. Our goal is to give you increased degrees of freedom to vary from a specified recipe until recipes, per se, are generally not required. That said, there will be little morsels of understanding hidden all throughout these videos that will hopefully work toward that end whether or not you're interested in making any one particular recipe.

Join us in the conversation.



CSA Memberships at Jubilee Farm are sold out for the summer session of 2021. 

HOWEVER, there are other ways to eat local and fresh: