Learning to Live with Independence, Thrift and Health

 Many of the choices you'll see in this five week experiment are made to increase your health and enjoyment and do so while saving your money for other priorities.  Learn to be independent from the pressures of advertising and social groups by making solid, rational decisions about your health and spending.  Stay with it and possibly learn some new patterns that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Week Three Make Ahead Items

Red Sauce

    • Double this recipe. 
    • Half will be used for the pizza topping.  Store this half in a covered container in the refer.
    • The other half of the red sauce will be used for:

Spaghetti Sauce

  • Begin cooking the spiced meat portion of this sauce first so it will be ready when it's time to add the remaining half of the red sauce which you'll be preparing at the same time.
  • Finish cooking the spaghetti sauce and store in a covered container in the refer. 


Cook enough for two breakfasts and store in a jar.  You can heat it up in a skillet, pan or microwave.

Simple Vinaigrette

One recipe.

Box of Brownies

Boxed Brownies are still a good deal and a time saver....don't have to do Everything from scratch.

Precook Italian Ground Sausage for Pizzas

Store in the refer all ready for Pizza night!  Set aside 3 Tbs for the "Bits and Pieces Scramble" dinner.  No grazing on sausage...come on, show some restraint!


Two Breakfasts

  • Homemade Oatmeal with nuts, brown sugar, maple syrup...how you like it.
  • 1 Banana


Three Breakfasts

  • Toast and Egg

If you want to cook this fast, throw it on some toast and run out the door.....

    • Heat about 2 Tbs of oil to medium-hot in a small skillet
    • Beat an egg or two in a bowl, add a pinch of salt
    • Pour into the heated oil using a fork to left the edges to keep uncooked egg on the skillet.  It foams up nicely if the oil is hot enough.
    • When there's not much runny egg left, flip it over, turn the heat off and let the residual heat in the skillet finish cooking the egg while you get your coat and keys.
  • Orange

Two Breakfasts


Two Lunches

  • Grilled Cheese sandwich (you have shredded cheese in the fridge from last week..don't you!? )

Make sure you use some substantial bread for a good grilled cheese...multi grain or whole wheat, something with some good character.  It will fill you up and give your body good nutrition that white air bread doesn't have.

  • Apple slices

Two Lunches

  • Tuna salad sandwich  (you have tuna in the pantry from Week One's grocery shop)
  • sliced apple
  • a cheese stick

One Lunch

  • PBJ
  • Cheese Stick
  • Banana

Two Lunches

  • One small pizza (leftover from the Pizza dinner.)
  • Orange wedges
  • Yogurt--flavor it like you want
Chicken salad Sandwich


Four Dinners

  • Spaghetti with Red Sauce w/ hamburger (link to recipe)
  • Green beans


Two Dinners

  • Pizza with premade pizza crusts and your homemade Red Sauce
    • Shredded Mozzarella
    • Pre cooked Italian Sausage (that you cooked earlier in the week)

Don't pile on the sauce, cheese and sausage too heavy or you'll find the crust will burn before the pizza is hot all the way through.  The shopping list includes pre made crusts for ease. 

    • You'll be making 6 pizzas for this week.  Make them all in one night or split the cooking into two sessions.  You'll have 1 pizza for each of two lunches and the rest for two dinners.


If you're up for it, follow the recipe for making your own dough.  It's much cheaper, tastier and you can determine how big around and how thick you like it. AND, it's just not that hard to make though it takes a bit more time.  Once you know how to make basic pizza dough you make calzones, sausage rolls, dinner rolls and a host of other simple breads.

One Dinner

Bits and Pieces Scramble, aka Stuff on Toast

  • Saute a diced onion in 3 T of olive oil in a skillet over medium-low heat (take your time so you don't brown the onion).
  • Add finely chopped bits and pieces of vegetables and meat that could be sauteed with the onion.  You set aside 3 Tbs of cooked sausage just for this purpose.
  • Whisk two eggs, fold into sauteed meat and veggies to scramble.
  • Serve on toast

This is a good practice to make a habit; using up bits and pieces in a meal so you don't waste food.  Make a tasty dinner out of what seems like nothing.  Don't throw away those valuable bits and pieces.

Treat of the Week

Box of Brownies

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