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How to Enjoy Radicchio




Cascading Kitchen Notes

How to Enjoy Radicchio


Unlike our more common greens, do not wash and prep Radicchio until you’re ready to eat it.

This is a bitter veggie that is harvested in the autumn just in time to provide us with ample nutrition as we head into the winter months.  How fortunate!

The same day you intend to eat it-wash and prep and chill.

  • When you cut radicchio it releases bitter flavonoids. We can use this to our advantage.
  • After washing, give it a rough chop or chiffonade.
  • Place it back in the salad spinner and cover it with cold water for 30 min.
Put a timer on it!

By soaking the cut radicchio you are removing some,  though not all, of the bitter flavor.

  • After 30 minutes, remove it from the cold bath and rinse with fresh water before spinning it dry.
  • Wrap it in a tea towel and chill for 30 min.


Building a salad using radicchio.

How to balance the bitter overtones

  • Use a fat to go alongside the greens  (dry-cured salami, goat cheese, creamy blue cheese, parmesan)
  • Use a bit of sweet  (sliced apples, sugared nuts, figs, pomegranate bits, pickled or roasted beets)
  • Use our maple vinaigrette or our Apple Curry Dressing to balance the bitter.
  • Using a balsamic or apple cider reduction as a drizzle would also be delicious.
  • You can also grill wedges of radicchio and drizzle with any of the above options.

This vegetable gives you the opportunity to explore and develop oft neglected parts of your palate.  That's how we find some of our most favorite things.

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