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Amy’s Cantaloupe Sorbet

College Cooking Tips

This tasty delight capitalizes on a short moment in the life of a melon.  When the melon is just a touch too ripe to serve sliced, but before the sugars have fallen off into the abyss, don't miss out on this delectable dessert.

Though Amy herself has felt no compunction, some of us must have cream and I can't help but think a small dash in the blender might not be too objectionable.

Amy's Cantaloupe Sorbet

  • Slice the melon into approx. 1-1/2" cubes.
  • Lay the melon out on a cookie sheet and freeze...freeze hard.
  • Immediately before serving put the melon cubes in a blender with a bit of sugar (we all have our different definitions of what a "bit of sugar" is).  It's delicious and refreshing and the melon is grateful to have been so celebrated in its last hours.

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