On this page you will find numerous references to demonstrations that have been presented at the Carnation Farmer’s Market. We have focused primarily in those demonstrations on the presentation of cooking METHODS, rather than recipes so that participants can assess what they have at hand, either fresh in the market, on the pantry shelves or the last little bits in the refrigerator begging for a resurrecting touch.

For those who are new to cooking by methods, i.e. substituting what you have for what a recipe might call for or assembling items on hand based on a particular method and palate of flavors,¬† we’ve included a number of recipes to start you on your way. These are starting points. By all means, don’t restrict yourself to a legalistic adherence to a list of ingredients. Explore. Succeed spectacularly. Maintain a certain amount of, “Hmm, how did that happen?” in order to keep you wondering. That’s where the great food comes from!


Greens Wash and Store (this doesn’t sound glamorous, but it makes all the difference in your week’s meals)

Greens Chiffonade


Sausage rolls


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