Giving Your Bits and Pieces Some Substance, Keep one or more of the following "waiting in the wings".

Add the Bits and Pieces of Meat and Veggie

Add A Sauce, Dip, Dunk or Drizzle

What you'll find as you go along is that it's very helpful to have a pantry that is stocked with some of the grains and legumes that can give a foundation to your bits and pieces.  Get used to cooking up a pot of beans once a week and keep them in the fridge.  Plan on making a "foundation" item that you'll be able to use with numerous meals like Red Lentil Pancakes that will keep as a batter for a number of days.  Even a pot of rice in the fridge can be the quick start to a good meal like Farm Style Fried Rice. Make your meal elements "cascade" through the week.  This site is filled with ideas that keep you from having to start each meal from scratch.  A dressing or two at the ready can transform your meal ideas in a hurry.