Norpro Green Bean FNorpro Green Bean Frencher 5125rencher

This handy little tool will make even those BIG green beans tender and delectable.  This link will take you to the manufacturer’s site in Everett, WA .   They’re a local producer and have an excellent product to boot. Read about it there and then buy it from the retailer of your choice.  Should be between 20 and 30 bucks.   We try to support our local retailers whenever we can.  Norpro says most any of the True Value Hardware stores either stock or will order this for you as well as most small kitchen stores in the area.

Nesco Food Dehydrator

This is a link to our favorite dehydrator.  The round shape encourages an even temperature without the hot spots ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Nesco Dehydratorwe have experienced in the rectangular units.  It is not confined to just a few trays (it can expand to thirty trays but comes with four) so you can dry the whole batch instead of running out of room with some food remaining.

All American 15-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner

This is a well made pressure canner. ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>All American Pressure Canner  This is our second in 30 years.  Take care of them and they are a lifetime investment (We didn’t take care of our first one as well as we should have!)  Get your pressure canner tested annually at Ajax Electric on 1st Ave, Seattle (206-622-9945) They test the whole pot, seals and gauges.  Your canner should be tested annually.  These are good folks to work with.

Reusable, BPA Free, Tattler Canning Lids

The metal canning lids we have used for years are now coated with a film of bisphenol-A, which has been determined by Canada to be a toxin and not safe for food contact. Tattler Canning Lids Our FDA is significantly less responsive and allows the use of BPA on all commercially canned products.  (Update 2015:Ball makes a non bpa lid now that you still throw away) These Tattler lids provide a non BPA alternative.  They are a bit of an investment on the front end but had we started using these lids 30 years ago when we started we would have saved over $4000 not to mention all the material used in the metal lids that found its way to a landfill.

Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer

NorPro Apple Peeler CorerThis is the best one we have found to replace our 35 year old peeler/corer. There are a lot of disappointing units out there so finding this one was great joy.  The one we use is called the NorPro AppleMate 2, based out of Everett, WA. The link is for the “Apple-Master”; same machine but with a suction cup base in addition to the clamp for those of you with smooth, thick countertops.

Foley Mill

If only for applesauce this mill is worth having.  Use it as well for pureeing squash to use in soups, sauces and lasagna or making baby food.