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from the Cascading Kitchen at Jubilee Farm

CSA Week Three

Minces, A New Veggie, July 4th Potato Salad and the Emphatic Egg (3:02)

Ever had mushy potato salad? Remedy at 1:40, 3:26, 8:50, 15:01, 21:14
How to peel a farm fresh hard-boiled egg. (without tearing off most of the white with the shell) See 9:00, 10:42, 13:30, 16:22
How do I get rid of that brown color on my hard-boiled egg yolk? see above
Want something with less Mayonnaise than the typical July 4th Salad?
Four distinct salad options from one salad “base”. Something for everyone.
Poached? 17:21
What’s Celtuce? and how is it prepared? 10:50
And more tips and methods along the way.

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