Summer ~ CSA ~ Recipes

from the Cascading Kitchen at Jubilee Farm

Week Eighteen

Here are lots of ideas on How to make and enjoy roasted winter squash cubes.

Winter Squash Enchiladas  Make a couple of trays while you're at it and put one away in the freezer.  They heat up great.

Be certain to make our signature Fall Recipe at Jubilee Farm Harvest Festival, Pepper Squash Soup (when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic).  You have the ingredients.  Make it yourself. Don’t pass this up.  It’s great.

This Apple Cider/Balsamic Reduction Sauce will add a zesty and complex flavor to many dishes. Drizzle some over caramelized, roasted squash cubes.

 This Celeriac & Carrots OR Daikon Radish & Carrots  recipe makes a bright, crunchy topping for soups or sandwiches.  Add some tuna to the mix for a hearty sandwich.

Note about ripening Green tomatoes:  Place them on top of a flat woven basket.  It allows air to circulate underneath the tomatoes. Space the tomatoes out so they don’t touch.  Keep them in a cool, dark and dry place in the kitchen area where you can keep an eye on them.  A dark pantry shelf is perfect.  Enjoy as they ripen.

Weekly Summer Session Cooking Videos

They're longing to be with you, filling the barn with inspiring aromas, mutual encouragement and the joy of reunion.  In an abundance of caution and with a desire to keep all of our members safe and healthy, in the early weeks the kitchen will not be open for preparing your vegetables.  We will reassess as the summer goes on.  If you can't take advantage of time down at the farm you can Click on the barn to the left for the archived "summer session" videos that introduce the crops for that week along with methods for storage and preparation; more than simply recipes.

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