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A Simple Vinaigrette




Cascading Kitchen Notes

To change up this basic dressing add some blue cheese OR sour cream.


One hand is pouring the oil the other hand is whisking, whisking, whisking to emulsify the oil.  With your third hand, hold the mixing container so it doesn't slop all over.  For those of you who don't have that handy third hand, put a towel in your sink to hold the bowl in place.  Placing it in the sink gets the bowl down a bit lower making it easier to pour and whisk (and maybe catch a spill).

Simple Vinaigrette Dressing


  • 6 T Red Wine Vinegar
  • 2-3 heavy pinches of salt ( you can adjust later)
  • pepper
  • Briskly whisk in 1 C Olive Oil by slowly pouring the oil while vigorously whisking.  It helps to put it in the sink to avoid a mess.
  • optional:  garlic, shredded onion or fresh herbs
  • If you want the flavor to hang on your tongue longer add a 3" squeeze of anchovie paste from the tube OR 1 T of White Miso OR 1 T Tomato paste.  (Tomato paste in a tube is good to have around so you don't have to open a can for this bit of umami)


Whisk all the ingredients except the oil together in a bowl.
When well blended start whisking in the oil by droplets to form a smooth emulsion.   Whisk , whisk, whisk.  You might be tempted to use a blender but a whisk has more love, is simpler and won't burn the oil like blenders tend to do.  Taste (dip a piece of the salad greens into the sauce) and correct seasoning with salt and pepper.

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