Cascading Kitchen notes:

This is truly a southern tradition and it’s a great way to turn our pumpkin/apple waffles into a savory dinner.

Julie Double Knot

Sausage Gravy

In a heavy skillet (I use a cast iron skillet) fry up:

½ lb of breakfast sausage


½ Tb butter, melt into the cooked sausage


2.5 Tbs white flour

Stir thoroughly and cook on med. heat for about 5 min.The mixture should look a bit brown, giving the roux (that’s what you just made) a nice toasty flavor.

Whisking constantly add:

  • 3 cups of milk…if it’s for company use 3 cups of ½ & ½
  • 1 tsp sea salt &
  • ½  tsp black pepper  (I like things with more pepper so I’d be inclined to use 1 tsp black pepper)

Keep the whisk moving for about 5 minutes,  until the gravy thickens.

Serve over hot pumpkin waffles for a fine supper.


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