“Tomatoes, Tomahtoes, Tomatoes”

This is a three hour, hands on class where you will learn to put up what is referred to as the "workhorse of the kitchen".  Why Can Tomatoes?  If you're not certain you know how to cook with quarts of home canned tomatoes, you might be interested in our Scratch Cooking Classes.
Are you concerned about BPA and other toxins in your food? Here is a great beginning step toward a healthy, wholesome diet. An indispensable ingredient for soups, stews, marinara, ragout and casseroles. Home canned tomatoes are especially important because the commercial variant is filled with colorants, toxins in the non organic produce and unknown, unlisted ingredients (a little loophole in the law governing listing of ingredients) In short, home canned tomatoes are full of flavor and are very good for you.

  • Learn how to water bath can tomatoes at the peak of flavor.
  • Know the secrets of buying good tomatoes.
  • Recipes and know-how for marinara, and real ragout.
  • A little stock, a few veggies , a jar of your home canned tomatoes and you've got soup that redefines the word.
  • Freeze tomato soup base from the canning leftovers. This is fast food that won't hurt you, in fact, you'll never be able to eat soup from the little red and white cans again.
  • Gather round for gazpacho to bring our session to a close.

In addition to the normal class schedule we have set aside two sessions for you to gather a private party (minimum 6) of friends to learn the tomato canning process and establish an annual tradition. Call Terrie to make arrangements. (425-788-5696)


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