“Salsa Celebration”

Learn why home canned salsa is honest food that fits into a sustainable menu. Next winter pop the lid and warm up with your own salsa.  No more styrofoam, GMO tomatoes, excessive salt, preservatives or polysyllabic, mystery thickeners.  We'll start the day by prepping  tomatoes, roasting and sweating the peppers and dicing jalapenos without burning your hands or eyes.  Then the canning begins.  If you've never canned before we'll cover the importance of safe canning techniques & recipes, translate these skills to multiple home canned products and learn how to integrate these foods into a healthy, year ‘round menu.  Time allowing, we’ll practice an element of thrift, making our own gazpacho with the leftovers.  Our tomatoes come from a farming family in Yakima I've patronized for twenty years.  It's so good to know the one who grows your food.

Everyone will can their own jar of salsa, take home a Summer in a Jar salsa syllabus, plus a fresh salsa recipe for every season of the year.

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