Scheduled Food Preservation Class

When the Wind Blows

Planning Ahead for the Northwest Winter Power Outages

Next time the lights are out, surprise your family with wonderful celebrative meals and snacks without opening your freezer and putting it in peril.  Water bath canning knowledge is a prerequisite for this class.  We’ll learn how to put up the foundation foods for three days of meals.

You’ll learn to pressure can:

  •  chuck roast cooked in red wine
  •  garbanzo and black beans
  •  a chili bean medley
  • Soup starters (can be applied to simple chicken stock)

We’ll teach you how to dehydrate:

  •  vegetables,
  •  savory sauce leathers and
  • Vegetable powders for seasoning your soups and sauces.
  • You'll go home with a syllabus containing summary notes of the class and recipes and, as always, a welcome invitation to call Terrie for extra input.


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