We'll schedule this class when we have 6 people interested. I'l put your name on a list and then schedule a time that works.

Water Bath Canning with Tattler Lids

If you're gearing up for the 2017 canning season, call us and get your name on a list.  We offer it on a limited basis.

This is a hands on, evening class for no more than six participants.

We will cover safe, water bath canning techniques using Tattler lids. They have some particularities that require minor modifications in your application technique but any traumatic change you endure will be well worth the effort. In addition to being free of BPA (See our notes here if you don't yet believe that is reason enough to make the switch.) they will enable you to take one more step away from our highly disposable society(they are reusable...thirty years and counting) AND will save you scads of money over the long haul. (If we would have known about these lids when we started canning 30 years ago we would have saved over $4000.00 in lid costs. ) If you're a veteran canner, come and refresh your technique and learn about these great lids. If you're new to the world of home food preservation, this class is a great place to begin.

  • Leave with a confidence to reliably use Tattler Lids in your canning regimen.
  • Take home a step by step syllabus to help implement your new skills as well as a welcome invitation to call Terrie whenever you get in a bit of a pickle.
  • Meet a growing group of canning enthusiasts who love to share their experience.
  • Practice Kaizen by continuing to make small improvements to the quality and safety of your food.


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