Scheduled Food Preservation Class

Fermentation and Quick Pickling

This is a full day, hands on class.


Part #1: Fermentation

To start with we'll be focusing on Lacto fermentation. It’s an ancient form of food preservation that has been giving us edible delicacies since Sumer. This is how great grandma (depending on your ethnic heritage) made pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, ginger carrots, pickled beets for borscht and myriad other pickled veggies and fruits.

  • We'll make ginger carrots and one other seasonal ferment
  • Bring a quart, glass peanut butter jar or something similar.  You don't need a special fermentation crock.[bg_faq_end]


Part #2: Quick Pickling

This easy food preservation process uses a pickling solution of brine (salt & water), vinegar, spices and sometimes sugar.  Quick pack pickles should sit on the shelf for several months to reach optimum flavor.We don’t open summer pickles in our house until Thanksgiving.  A major benefit of quick pickles is long shelf life.

  • We'll practice our water bath canning skills and pickle a pint of some seasonal goodie.
  • You'll go home with a syllabus with a summary of the skills and methods, a quick pickled product and a ferment as well as a welcome invitation to call Terrie with any questions you have along the way.[bg_faq_end]

One of the benefits of eating seasonally and preserving the bounty of summer is the anticipation of opening a home canned jar of pickles deep in winter or dipping into your jar of fermenting treasure. Both will brighten the flavors on your dinner plate and some even enhance your body’s ability to coalesce the available nutrition.


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