Scheduled Food Preservation Class

Food Preservation Steps Toward a Local, Seasonal Table

This is a hands on class for no more than six participants. This is a perfect class for beginning canners.

We will explore steps you can take to transition your daily meals toward more local and seasonal food and the part that canning and food dehydration plays in that process.

  • Learn water bath canning skills preserving a seasonal fruit sauce or chutney.   These skills will generalize to other high acid foods.
  • Incorporate food dehydration into your pantry patterns.  We'll cover the equipment, techniques and nutritional/ environmental benefits of dehydrating fruits & vegetables.  This is so much more than a handful of dried fruit.  It will open up new worlds in the kitchen and give you nourishing options for quick meals next winter.
  • Learn to make jam over which you have control of the sugar content.  Is your jam not setting  up?  We'll look at  troubleshooting those inevitable unexpected  results.
  • We will also  teach the use of  homemade & Pomona’s  pectins.
  • Because this class is about change, we will explore menu planning that will take advantage of your now plenished pantry and incorporate your new  or revitalized skills and knowledge into daily living.


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