“Chimichurri, Chutney and Choice”

This is a hands on, all day class.
Rich food traditions filled with flavor have been replaced in our western diet by ubiquitous salt, sugar and fat. Rediscover the richness of a diet filled with a broad palette of real flavors. We start in small steps with a tomato chutney in the morning: a very kid friendly replacement for the kid unfriendly ketchup.

In the afternoon concoct a batch of chimichurri and make and can pepper jelly.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this jelly is more than just an interesting hors d' ouvre.  All day we'll be adding a richness and diversity of flavors to your meals.

  • Includes a quick overview of water bath canning procedures.
  • Learn about menu strategies that capitalize on flavors and thrift.
  • Take home a jar of pepper jelly and tomato chutney and chimichurri.
  • You'll take home a Summer In a Jar canning syllabus.
  • As always, you take with you a welcome invitation to call Terrie for advice.

Replacing commercial condiments with a rich array of real flavors is a great way to add enjoyment to your meals as well as lowering the toxic load on your family.

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