#3 Braise & Bread


We’ll braise a huge basket of greens

giving you an opportunity to hone your knife skills and  increase your culinary confidence.  We will learn to make the most of the amazing variety and prodigious quantity of greens grown in the Northwest.

If you have not experienced cooking grass fed beef

we’ll learn the methods and particularities in doing so.  It is cooked differently than the fatty corn fed meat you may be accustomed to.  It is better for your body, kinder to the cow and engenders more sustainable farming practices.  We’ll show you the advantages of a low temperature braise when cooking grass fed beef.  We’ll learn to maximize its deliciously surprising, dense, moist meaty flavors while using them to add depth of flavor to the larger portion of the meal.

Of course we’ll need some good bread for sop.

"Bucket Bread" makes fresh bread possible everyday without the mess and clean up.  Start the week with rolls and end with flat breads. Hot crusty bread can be a quick addition to a daily menu and not the fearsome time consuming affair that often lives in our imaginations.  Long live fermentation!

We’ll finish the class with lunch over continued conversation celebrating and embodying the food we’ve prepared.

We like to keep the time intimate and attentive so class size is limited.


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