#1 “A Chicken In Every Pot”

This is not a demonstration class, this is a "do-it" class for a max of six peeps.

  • learn how to select and roast a whole chicken,
  • how to make stock, and from that stock,
  • how to start making your own sauces. You’ll make a roux (it's easy; what was all that kerfuffle about?) which will lead the way to gravy, Curry sauce, and cheese sauce(makes a Mac &Cheese fit for company). In addition we’ll make a peanut sauce, and a tomatillo sauce which will expand the menu options even more. These will jump start a lot of meal possibilities.
  • We’ll also go over basic knife skills in case you need a confidence boost.
  • We will be introducing the concept of the “Kaizen Calendar”; small steps to successfully transition your meals to scratch cooking by choosing to cook 5 meals a week that build upon one another instead of starting each meal from a blank slate.
  • We'll be highlighting numerous home preserved foods like chutney, pressure canned chicken stock, tomato salsa and pickled goodies that will brighten your palate.  Each of theses will  expand  and embellish meal possibilities.
  • We'll send you home with a syllabus that will include the recipes from the class and a sample week long calendar that will help you strategize the five scratch cooked meals.

All this with no spice packets! This is a lot to cover in three hours.

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