Why Can?

Home food preservation is the link that enables local food to be the foundation of our diet all year long.  The ramifications of eating locally are far reaching.  They include: the support of the local economy, the near elimination of … Continue reading →

FDA Fails to Act

The following from Fooducate is a good synopsis of the FDA’s recent ruling regarding the use of BPA for food contact:  One additional note not mentioned below– Canada declared BPA to be toxic in October of 2010.  Following is our … Continue reading →

The Case for Canning Tomatoes

This sounds like a weird mystery novel, but  the only mystery here is what you are likely to find in commercially canned tomato products…truly scary!  Tomatoes have been referred to as the “workhorse of the kitchen”.  They have been fundamental … Continue reading →


We’ve adopted this Japanese word for times when change gets to be a little overwhelming.  It is an encouragement to improve one thing…make it just a little-bit–better.  Kaizen refers to a system of continual improvement.  Fundamental to improving our lives … Continue reading →