We are all about helping you to be successfully independant; to cook your own meals, to shop within a budget and do it while eating great tasting food that will keep you healthy.

These recipes are selected for a college student's budget and busy schedules.  Sometimes we'll put notes in the side column that will be helpful if you're new to cooking or haven't had much experience living on a budget.  Let us know in the comment section if you have questions.

Check for recipes by category at the very top of this page.

Just Beginning

We've just begun building this page for the Equine students at Blackhawk College.  There will be much more in the very near future in time for the fall term.

Weekly Menus to Help Save Time

Follow this link if you think it would be helpful to have some menu and shopping suggestions.  We've prepared a sample menu that will help you cook parts of a number of meals all at one time so you don't have to spend so much time each meal starting from the very beginning.  You might even get together with friends and cook big thugs all at once to save time later in the week and have a fun time cooking together.

Cooking is Fun! and possibly a little messy.

Cooking's fun....and maybe a little messy!

A Basic Kitchen Tool List and Suggested Pantry Items

If you haven't cooked on your own before, we've put together a list of basic cooking tools as well as a list of items that will make up a basic pantry...you know, like flour, sugar, salt....plus a number of others that will allow you to cook a lot of these receipes without having to run to the store before each meal.  Who has time for that?  We've included some shopping tips as well to help save money while eating well.