A Welcome from Terrie to the 2016 Summer Session at Jubilee Farm

(If you want to get straight to cooking, here’s a page with all of the past years’ recipes as well as those to come…)

Welcome to the start of our 2016 summer session. All of us from Jubilee Farm are looking forward to renewing old friendships and beginning new ones. If you’re new to the farm, please introduce yourself to me, I’ll be in the kitchen in the big barn, waiting to greet you.  I’m Terrie Irish, the gal you’ll find every Tues. and Friday in the “Cascading Kitchen” where we like to say, “one meal tumbles into the next”.    We use this place to encourage, teach and pass on shared kitchen wisdom of the farm members; anything to help you succeed in your choice to support local agriculture and Jubilee Farm.  We have a huge triple sink to facilitate fast and fastidious washing of your veggies.  We have knives, salad spinners, cutting boards and a community of folks around a big granite table.  It’s like the old fashioned, multi-generational kitchen of yore. Not a week goes by that I don’t learn something new about veggies and preparing meals.  As I tell folks, I’m the person who gets to hear all of the conversations around the table so it’s my happy job to share the food wisdom of our Jubilee community.

If you’re a veteran CSA member but have never used the Cascading Kitchen, please come and visit and I’ll show you the ropes. Going home with a cooler full of freshly washed, chopped, shredded, diced, julienned veggies,  pureed soup starter (ask me I’ll tell you all about it) , delicately wrapped lettuce leaves and a big bouquet of flowers will certainly be a boon to your week.  You’ll be half way to many meals for the week.

If you’re new to preparing fresh veggies you are at the perfect place.

We can teach you how to handle a knife with skill and ease, what to do with bountiful harvests of greens, introduce you to veggies you’ve never seen or eaten and pass on strategies for using your entire CSA box each week. As the season builds we’ll have suggestions on how to store, freeze, put up, and pickle the prodigious amounts of certain veggies.

I’d also like to introduce you to my dear neighbor and fellow farm cook, Mimi Chapman.

She’s an amazing cook and will be hanging out in the kitchen with us when her schedule allows. Lucky us! We spent some time this winter coming up with a huge list of sauces to perk up and inspire new ways to enjoy the produce from the farm.  We even revisited some of our ancient cookbooks. Lo and behold there were some great ideas that just needed a bit of updating.

Recipes and Methods for preparing vegetables in your weekly box:

You’ll find a recipe or two each week on the bulletin board in the kitchen or on my website. Don’t forget all the recipes that are ready and waiting for you from the previous summers as well.

Things to bring to the farm:

  • scissors for cutting flowers and herbs,
  • a jar to hold the flowers on the ride home,
  • a cooler, containers to take home your prepped produce, maybe a bit of ice in a tub to keep it cool,
  • cotton dish towels to wrap lettuce leaves and
  • upcycle those plastic clam-shell containers to protect strawberries and raspberries and other fragile treats as they arrive.

Let’s work on reducing our plastic bag consumption this year. They’re certainly in the barn if you need them, just look at ways to reuse or even replace their use.  Your children will thank you when we pass the stewardship of this precious earth onto them.

Here’s to a terrific season together,

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We regularly update a section of our website dedicated to Scratch Cooking along with recipes, methods of cooking and all sorts tips to make meal making a successful and invigorating experience.   The page will keep you apprised of what’s happening in the kitchen at Jubilee Farm and at the Cascading Kitchen at the Irish homeplace.  Keep an eye out for seasonal recipes as the produce comes out of the field…FRESH!  This is all a free offering.  If you want face to face instruction, read on.

We are scheduling our classes in food preservation and scratch cooking as folks express interest.

Take a look at the offerings and send us a note.  We’ll   see what we can put together to meet your needs.  We have introduced “Scratch Cooking from the Pantry” to spark creative ideas on how to cook from your plenished pantry as well as help you decide your focus for food preservation for the upcoming year.   On sporadic occasion we will send updates, tips and encouragement so sign up for the newsletter  if you’d like to connect yourself to such meanderings.

Julie Double Knot

Summer In A Jar teaches safe food preservation methods: canning, drying, freezing, quick pickling and fermentation.   Additionally, we offer an invitation to remember, or taste for the first time, honest, fresh, flavorful food in season.  We teach how to put up the current seasonal crop so it’s available the next winter and how to weave the bounty of your pantry into workable daily menus. There’s a rhythm to it that looks different in every home but the invisible thread that holds it all together is an affirmation to choose healthy, real food, sustainably grown to nourish our families.  We don’t get there all at once, but one step at a time.  We’ve adopted the word below to emphasize our desire to walk graciously and incrementally toward deeper, richer, healthier living.

…just a little– bit– better.     A little more flavor, a little less processed, a little more nutrition, a few less empty calories, a few more meals with family and friends and a bit less fast food on the run.  Come and join us.

We’re all waiting for you!


KidsCooK ,which Terrie and friends have been teaching  has been such a lot of fun.  You can read a River Current News article about the successfully completed first KidsCooK course.

These kids are fast learners; they keep us on our toes.  They will definitely be leaders in changing the way America eats.