Farmers First

“There is no better means of sustaining human life on earth than to have people on the land who are intellectually capable, socially responsible, and ethically committed to meeting the needs of both present and future generations through farming.”

John Ikerd, 2012

"Finally, cooking is good citizenship. It’s the only way to get serious about putting locally raised foods into your diet, which keeps farmlands healthy and grocery money in the neighborhood.  Cooking and eating with children teaches them civility and practical skills they can use later on to save money and stay healthy, whatever may happen in their lifetimes to the gas-fueled food industry.”

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Barbara Kingsolver

"Agriculture ... is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness."

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1787

Summer Session at Jubilee Farm CSA

The "Cascading Kitchen" at Jubilee Farm provides a place for members to clean, chop and prepare their weeks' vegetables for the coming week.


The camaraderie that happens in the kitchen, sharing of meal possibilities and practices that "work" remove the questions about being a part of a CSA.  It is easy, without this kind of support, to become overwhelmed with a large box of vegetables in the midst of a busy life.  The kitchen is a source of counsel, creativity, courage and camaraderie.  Social sustenance is also a part of good food.

Terrie is in the Cascading Kitchen at Jubilee Farm on Saturdays, Mimi joins her on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the CSA summer session starting June 11 on through October.

 We'll  have everything you need to prepare your veggies for easy use throughout the week.  Just bring some containers to carry it all home.

We'll prepare samples for a recipe of the week.  Those recipes are listed by the week on the CSA Recipe page.  In addition to recipes we'll be teaching methods of preparation that will help you take full advantage of your weekly box.

Come and take a seat at the table.

Jubilee's Big White Barn  229 W Snoqualmie River Rd NE  Carnation, WA 98014

Just Food

When we are willing to sacrifice the principles of

honesty, fairness, responsibility, compassion and respect for the sake of

jobs, income, wealth, prestige or power,

we are given unemployment, poverty, hatred and helplessness in return – in full, good measure, pressed down.

“As you give, so shall you receive.”

John Ikerd

Julie Double Knot

Summer In A Jar teaches safe food preservation methods: canning, drying, freezing, quick pickling and fermentation.   Additionally, we offer an invitation to remember, or taste for the first time, honest, fresh, flavorful food in season.  We teach how to put up the current seasonal crop so it’s available the next winter and how to weave the bounty of your pantry into workable daily menus. There’s a rhythm to it that looks different in every home but the invisible thread that holds it all together is an affirmation to choose healthy, real food, sustainably grown to nourish our families.  We don't get there all at once, but one step at a time.  We've adopted the word below to emphasize our desire to walk graciously and incrementally toward deeper, richer, healthier living.

...just a little-- bit-- better.     A little more flavor, a little less processed, a little more nutrition, a few less empty calories, a few more meals with family and friends and a bit less fast food on the run.  Come and join us.