Stop by Jubilee Farm Saturdays and Sundays for the rest of October and join in their Harvest Festival. Then go home for a bowl of hot, creamy soup and fresh bread. The recipe for heaven on a blustery fall day.

winter squash

Click on the photo for a number of good winter squash recipes in addition to techniques to keep them long into the winter.

It’s been a wonderful summer filled with new relationships, learning new methods and experiencing new foods.

Thanks to a few of our Jubilee Farm CSA members we will no longer be able to cook without FenugreekCheck out our most recent fenugreek recipes.  Thanks Aruna.


A flaky, buttery galette with a filling of Jubilee greens.

A flaky, buttery galette with a filling of Jubilee greens.

We had a great time together at our “Braise and Bread” in the Jubilee Farm Barn outside of Carnation.  We had a full roster so, if you are interested, let us know and we’ll look into setting up another session.  We learned what to do with the prodigious amounts of  greens coming out of the fields, how to cook grass fed beef and how to turn out hot, crusty bread with flour from Jubilee’s newly minted grain mill to sop it all up!   The class contains a lot of cooking basics that help you take full advantage of a weekly CSA box.  We like to keep our classes intimate so enrollment is limited.  We design our classes to take advantage of seasonal produce.  Let us know if you’re wanting to expand your basic cooking skills or would like to dive into the world of food preservation.  We’ll see what we can cook up.

Mimi joins Terrie in the Cascading Kitchen Tuesdays and Fridays. Her ebullient spirit is contagious!

Mimi joins Terrie in the Cascading Kitchen Tuesdays and Fridays. Her ebullient spirit is contagious!




Join us in the Cascading Kitchen and work on YOUR knife skills!




We are scheduling our classes in food preservation and scratch cooking as folks express interest.Take a look at the offerings and send us a note.  We’ll   see what we can put together to meet your needs.

On sporadic occasion we will send updates, tips and encouragement so sign up for the newsletter  if you’d like to connect yourself to such meanderings.

Julie Double Knot

Summer In A Jar teaches safe food preservation methods: canning, drying, freezing, quick pickling and fermentation.   Additionally, we offer an invitation to remember, or taste for the first time, honest, fresh, flavorful food in season.  We teach how to put up the current seasonal crop so it’s available the next winter and how to weave the bounty of your pantry into workable daily menus. There’s a rhythm to it that looks different in every home but the invisible thread that holds it all together is an affirmation to choose healthy, real food, sustainably grown to nourish our families.  We don’t get there all at once, but one step at a time.  We’ve adopted the word below to emphasize our desire to walk graciously and incrementally toward deeper, richer, healthier living.

…just a little– bit– better.     A little more flavor, a little less processed, a little more nutrition, a few less empty calories, a few more meals with family and friends and a bit less fast food on the run.  Come and join us.

We’re all waiting for you!

KidsCooK ,which Terrie and friends have been teaching  has been such a lot of fun.

These kids are fast learners; they keep us on our toes.  They will definitely be leaders in changing the way America eats.