Good Health from Good Food-- It all depends on Good Soil

Soil Restoration: 5 Core Principles

By Christine Jones

Soil restoration is the process of improving the structure, microbial life, nutrient density, and overall carbon levels of soil. Many human endeavors — conventional farming chief among them — have depleted the Earth to the extent that nutrient levels in almost every kind of food have fallen by between 10 and 100 percent in the past 70 years. Soil quality can improve dramatically, though, when farmers and gardeners maintain constant ground cover, increase microbe populations, encourage biological diversity, reduce the use of agricultural chemicals, and avoid tillage.   Soil restoration begins with photosynthesis.

The Power of Photosynthesis

Imagine there was a process that could continue reading

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Just Food

When we are willing to sacrifice the principles of

honesty, fairness, responsibility, compassion and respect for the sake of

jobs, income, wealth, prestige or power,

we are given unemployment, poverty, hatred and helplessness in return – in full, good measure, pressed down.

“As you give, so shall you receive.”

John Ikerd