Summer Session CSA is June 13th through October 24

Terrie and Mimi will be in the Cascading Kitchen at Jubilee Farm on Tuesdays and Fridays of this upcoming summer CSA session.

Summer session recipes are updated here each week….look for the tab on top that says CSA Recipes.  They are sorted by week on the left hand column and by ingredient type in the table.   Also search via the little red search bar at the top right of each page.  Find recipes that fit what’s coming out of the fields.

On Saturdays throughout the session please welcome the wonderful addition of Aruna and Aparna to the Cascading Kitchen teaching us how to make authentic Indian dishes.  They make quite a team!

Join us in the Cascading Kitchen and work on YOUR knife skills!


Terrie, Mimi, Aparna and Aruna. Come and join us.

Terrie, Mimi, Aparna and Aruna. Come and join us.



Mimi joins Terrie in the Cascading Kitchen Tuesdays and Fridays. Her ebullient spirit is contagious!

Mimi joins Terrie in the Cascading Kitchen Tuesdays and Fridays. Her ebullient spirit is contagious

Recipes used in the Cascading Kitchen from the May Day celebration can be found here.

We are scheduling our classes in food preservation and scratch cooking as folks express interest.Take a look at the offerings and send us a note.  We’ll   see what we can put together to meet your needs.

On sporadic occasion we will send updates, tips and encouragement so sign up for the newsletter if you’d like to connect yourself to such meanderings.

Julie Double Knot

Summer In A Jar teaches safe food preservation methods: canning, drying, freezing, quick pickling and fermentation.   Additionally, we offer an invitation to remember, or taste for the first time, honest, fresh, flavorful food in season.  We teach how to put up the current seasonal crop so it’s available the next winter and how to weave the bounty of your pantry into workable daily menus. There’s a rhythm to it that looks different in every home but the invisible thread that holds it all together is an affirmation to choose healthy, real food, sustainably grown to nourish our families.  We don’t get there all at once, but one step at a time.  We’ve adopted the word below to emphasize our desire to walk graciously and incrementally toward deeper, richer, healthier living.

…just a little– bit– better.     A little more flavor, a little less processed, a little more nutrition, a few less empty calories, a few more meals with family and friends and a bit less fast food on the run.  Come and join us.

We’re all waiting for you!

KidsCooK, which Terrie and friends have been teaching, has been such a lot of fun.

These kids are fast learners; they keep us on our toes.  They will definitely be leaders in changing the way America eats.